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french embassy
of mexico city
The design brief






Culture office


Technical and scientific center


Financial services Economic and Press office


Multipurpose room with 90 seats


Living accommodations 110 cars underground garage

Data sheet


Client: French Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Surface area: 16,850 m²

Construction costs: 30 million €

Delivery: 1995


Project architect: Jean-Pierre Vaysse

Associate architect: Eduardo Terrazas

Engineering: Marc Mimram, André Mizrahi, Janco Ingenieros, SETEC

general view of the embassydesign study of the interior hall between the embassy and the general public buildingone of the reception hallsthe general public buildingmain floor planstudies of the built-in furniture and technical ceilinginterior courtview from the avenue Campos Eliseosabandoned project on an earlier sitefacade detail


The project


In order to adapt to the terrain’s topography, the embassy is composed of two buildings linked by an inner street.


The architectural unity allows for a direct understanding of the multiplicity of functions present in the building.


The main structure, with its prestigious thirteen-floor façade, houses on its first level the consulate’s public oriented services.


The reception hall, the culture and press offices, the multipurpose room and the embassy are located on the floors above.


The façade’s curvature opens unto Chapultepec Park.


The second part of the building, accessible to a larger public, consists of nine floors and uses the same constructive vocabulary of the main building.


The inner junction follows the patio tradition and juxtaposes stone paving and plants.