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serenity botanical facility ahmedabad
The design brief


Reception, initiation and multimedia information pavilion for children, in the heart of a large botanical garden.


A private initiative of an environmentally conscious client.

Data sheet


Client: Cambata Foundation


Surface area: 900 m2

Start of construction: 2009

Delivery: 2011


Associated Architect: Kamal Mangaldas

the water chanel from the main building of Serenity to the pond first design studies - covered buildings - open to sky entry path Serenity Serenity working drawing covered hallway between the different spaces of Serenity Serenity study drawing - planting principle Serenity interior patio - fountain distributing water to three directions main entry space of Serenity interior patio of Serenity explanation of a planting organisational principles in Serenity inde


The project


A continuous network of posts and beams characterizes the reception areas on a four by five meter grid.


The different parts of the building are organized around a central patio with a small fountain which feeds water channels in three directions


The structural grid is either covered or open to the sky, creating diverse interior or exterior functional and botanical habitats.